Rosedahl Public Affairs plans, organizes, and executes advocacy and strategic communications to influence decision-makers using a variety of media, grassroots advocacy, and event tactics to deliver top results for clients. Our services compliment and amplify traditional direct lobbying efforts.

Grassroots Advocacy

The right message and the right messengers can make or break your issue. Rosedahl Public Affairs will:

  • Plan and execute direct constituent communication campaigns (via tactical planning, emails, letters, phone calls, etc.).

  • Plan and execute constituent events (“Day at the Capitol”) and in-district events/meetings.

  • Create and develop coalitions and strategic alliances – to utilize for advocacy efforts.


Media & Strategic Communications

Working with the media is an important part of every public affairs effort. Rosedahl Public Affairs will:

  • Design the most effective messaging aligned to specific decision-makers.

  • Generate media coverage with press statements, press releases, and ongoing reporter relationships.

  • Compose and place letters to the editor and commentaries from advocates whom decision-makers trust.

  • Plan and execute media tours, editorial board meetings, etc.

  • Initiate and deliver internal and external communications to engage advocates.

  • Create the optimum social media campaign to educate and engage advocates to take action.

  • Plan and implement community relations and civic engagement efforts to raise our client’s profile.